I "interviewed" Austin Highsmith who played Phoebe, the dolphin trainer, Betsy Landin who played Kat, the dolphin specialist, and Dr. Juli Goldstein who helped rescue Winter & Hope! Also, Cozi Zuehlsdorff, who played Hazel in the movie, and Michael Roark who played Donovan Peck! And the two newest interviews are from two of Winter's former trainers, Cindy & Elaina! Also, I have interviewed Gemma Burnett who is the mother of a young boy who has been greatly inspired by Winter's story! When I say "interviewed," I mean either emailing or direct messaging them! I just want to give a BIG THANK YOU to Austin, Betsy, Cozi, Michael, Cindy, Elaina, Gemma and Juli! Coming soon....CAROLINE KOLE! :)

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