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Watching Dolphin Tale makes me realize Winter is not just a dolphin, but is just like a person, too. Winter has feelings and is not just a memory we have seen, but a life changing experience for others who have the same problem. I suggest Dolphin Tale for viewers and people like Winter and others. Thank you! -Jamie Leigh M.

I think Winter is one of the most amazing dolphins ever! YOU ROCK WINTER :D!!! -Ellie

"Dolphin Tale" is an outstanding film! I gave it a five-star rating, *****! We love Winter! -Pernell

I watched the Dolphin Tale movie with my Homeroom class and me and my best friend cried our eyes out, it was so touching. I wish we lived near a marine hospital. Ever since I was a little girl all I wanted to be is a Marine Biologist and help marine animals.This movie made my dream want to be bigger. -Briana

Dolphin Tale is the best movie and Winter should be a star in a lot more MOVIES!! -Daniel

I enjoyed Dolphin Tale, I would love to get to FL to meet Winter! She is awesome, I fell in love with her she is an inspiration to us all! -Amy Y. 

Hi, my name is Yasmine! I love all animals; I am going to be a vet one day to save all animals, animals like Winter! -Yasmine D.

I am now watching the movie Dolphin Tale for the second time. I really like Winter. -Maggie C.

I would just like to say that Winter is a wonderful animal and has truly inspired me! -Morgan

I think what everyone did for Winter is amazing. How did you do it all? Also I want to do things like that in the future. Thank you for saving the most amazing animal in the entire world and showing people that if you really try and you don't give up a lot of great things can happen! -Amethyst

I think that winter is the bravest and cutest dolphin ever. I wish that I would have known about her earlier. The story about her life just touches your heart! I wish I could meet her. She is so brave. I love Winter. And the Movie was amazing, Winter was amazing, I loved it and I defiantly would drive a long way to see her too! <3 -Emily M.

I LOVE Winter, she is so cute and funny. I watched the movie today 3/16/12; my class loved it. After that we played games. We also did a play on the movie. I truly LOVE Winter. -Ava

Hi, me and my mom cry everytime we watch the movie "Dolphin Tale". We actual just watched it again and I am still getting the tissues. How is Winter doing these days? Has she been introduced to other dolphins? We are planning a visit to Clearwater, Fl. this July and look forward to seeing Winter!! We are so excited!! Warm Regards!  -The Hicks Family

I love your website and Winter! She is so cute and amazing! Your site has so much info and cool stuff on it :) -Lauren O. (owner of "Completely Cozi")

I love your website! I give it a 10/10! Its really cool! -Daniella N.

Winter is so cute and so sweet, so please raise money for her! Thank you! -Maria R.

Dolphin Tale is the best movie I have ever seen. I could tell winter is the sweetest dolphin ever. You should go see the movie. I would love to have a dolphin like Winter. I want to go see her so much. -Julianne R.

Winter is very beautiful! I hope to see her someday! I think she is very incredible! I also LOVE the movie! I hope Winter stays healthy, bye! -Linnea

Hey, nice site! I loved the dolphin tale movie, ever since I saw it I have adored winter. I have seen it twice now! I recommend you all see it if you haven't already. Also check out to see her on live webcams! I am so glad that this site is here to tell people about winter so everybody can have the pleasure of "meeting her!" -Edith C.

Dolphin Tale is a great story and it gives out such a powerful message that helps poeple understand hope is always there! -Lauren W. 

I found the film very inspiring and a lovely true story. I am so glad that winter didnt give up. I am passionate about marine rescue and want to thank the brillant people that brought winter to good health. I want to ask what challenges are coming in the future for winter!? -Megan J.

I love Dolphin Tale and the real dolphin is adorable! -Evie G.

I loved the movie, dophins and Winter are very special. I am a collector of dophins my home has a special display of a lot of dophins I just discovered this website and love it, I will be visiting this site often. -Karen

I just saw this, I thought it was cool because you had a lot of cool moves from the dolphin under water. I would love to swim with Winter, I would be scared.I am 8 this is my second 3D movie. Winter rocks! -Jada

I love the dolphins, Save Winter! I love you Winter! -Andrea

I love Winter I would like to plan my vaction next year to bring my disabled son to meet Winter. I am starting my planning now. This is the most beautiful story of hope and love ever. Thank you so much and much blessings to you all. -Michelle W.

I loved the story about Winter, I've seen the movie and I was very happy that Winter got a new tail. I love animals and was very happy that she was rescued and taken care of. -Hannah E.

My boyfriend and I took his son and my granddaughter to see "Dolphin Tale" today and we all thoroughly enjoyed it! In today's world, there are so few "feel-good" movies, but this one far exceeded our expectations. What a truly amazing and inspirational story to share with the world. Thank you for making our family outing today so special. Best wishes to Winter and all who care for her. -Jane B.

Hi my name is Lydia. I have seen the movie Dolphin Tale twice now and the movie and Winter are so inspiring to me. I love animals and Winter is such an amazing animal. The fact that with a lot of help she was able to recover and survive is amazing to me. I love Winter's webcam as well because it allows me to see how she is doing. -Lydia O.

What a awesome idea! Very proud of you for doing this -- Keep up the wonderful job... we need more people like you to help the animals. Great Job!!-Charlene L. 

I love to swim and my favorite animal is a dolphin. I am 12 years old. I really like Winter very much and might visit her someday! :) Also how or when can I help dolphins? -Perris

I was so moved by this movie, I was crying over the strength of Winter and all the child & adult amputees that came to see her. I love dolphins, so seeing a story where there is so much compassion for Winter was breathtakingly wonderful! Thanks to everyone who has helped Winter, and for recreating this story so we could see your amazing story! :) -Carolyn D.

I love Winter and I would really like to go see her in person. The movie was great and I enjoyed her story. I want her to be safe and happy. -Kayley N.

I have seen today the movie "Dolphin Tale" with friends and I was amazed from your efforts to Save Winter. I wish that I was so brave like you are! I hope that Winter is doing what she is best in- enjoying life :) -Shahar

Hello Winter I hope your doing well I saw your movie, sad and cool how you got your tail. By the way I might want to be a Dolphin Trainer myself. I hope to see you someday! -Christopher F.

I think winter is a good dolphin! Are you happy to see Winter grow? -Rebecca

We loved the story about Winter and how she learned to swim again. We are glad she is safe. -Alexandra & Catherine

I saw the movie last night. It was great. I want a dolphin now! Can't wait to swim with dolphins again. -Debbie W.


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