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Third Contest Winner:

This is the Winning Entry from Resa Mae B., age 14. 

Second Contest Winner:

This is the Winning Entry from Sierra Cooper, age 16.

To meet Winter would be a life changing experience. Watching her story truly made me realize that there is more to life then just what meets the eye. Winter has definitely inspired me to become a Marine Vet. I wasn't quite sure that that was who I wanted to be, but after seeing this miracle, my dream was set. I want to help animals just like her. I hope she inspired everyone else who saw the movie just like she did with me.

First Contest Winner:

This is the Winning Entry from Brittany Taylor, age 12.

Winter's story has made me realize that no matter how crazy or impossible something may seem everything is possible when you believe you can do it and you will succeed. When I see people who say they can't do something, like with Winter, living, I will tell them that if they try they can do it. "He'll have to want to live we can't do that for him." -Dolphin Tale. I hope that when other people see this movie they will be inspired to do something about it to.

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