Winter is a resident at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium in Clearwater, Florida. She was the star of the movie Dolphin Tale (2011). She was found off the coast of Mosquito Lagoon in Florida with a crab pot rope stuck on her tail when she was only three months old.  Her tail flukes were severely injured and she got a few cuts on her rostrum. Eventually, Winter’s tail shed completely off. Kevin Carroll makes prosthetics for many people and he happened to be listening to the radio and he heard about Winter’s predicament. He made a prosthetic tail for Winter so she could swim normally. Winter and her trainers use the tail as physical therapy, if she wore it all the time, it could damage her skin. Kevin made a gel for Winter that is called Winter’s Gel; it has helped a lot of people use their prosthetic more comfortably.

Winter is very happy at her home, Clearwater Marine Aquarium (CMA). She has had over 17 tails since 2002. Winter isn’t the only dolphin resident at CMA, she lives there with Panama, Hope and Nicholas; all rescued too! CMA is most famous or their work with dolphins but they actually work mostly with sea turtles! Winter is a very special dolphin!

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