Q: What was it like watching Cieran interact with Winter?

A: It was emotional and amazing! It was like he was always meant to be in the water with her and a dream come true for us all!

Q: What was Cieran's favorite part of being able to fulfill his dream of swimming with Winter?

A: Helping to put her tail on as its so similar to his, getting her to wave and buddy swim.

Q: Did he like working with Hope as well?!

A: He loved that Hope was intrigued by his flippers.

Q: What other animals (other dolphins, otters, pelicans) did he interact with/see?

A: He loved seeing Nicholas and get him to do tricks. Layla got to feed Ricky and loved meeting the cheeky pelican.

Q: Does Cieran like using his flippers?

A: He loves his flippers. Being in the water allows him to be free and he gets lost in himself, he doesn't see his disability as a draw back when
 he is swimming.

Q: Have you seen a change in Cieran since he worked with Winter & Cammie?

A: He is a completely different boy, so much happier and confident in himself! It's changed his life completely! He doesn't want to be a train driver 
anymore, he wants to work at CMA and look after Winter with Cammie.