Questions from You!

Besides Winter, were any of the actors and actresses there to help rescue Winter? -MaKenzie

Kind of; Winter's real/main trainer, Abby Stone was in the movie but didn't have any lines. She can be seen on the platform when Winter gets the tail put on her. Though, something cool that is related to this is that when they finished filming the movie and they had their "wrap-up" party, they got the call to rescue Hope!

Where did she live before you found her? -Brianna

The ocean, of course! Winter was rescued from Mosquito Lagoon in Florida so she probably lived somewhere near there.

When was Winter found because it said that she was found around 2002, if she was, why was the movie created so many years after and why does Winter only wear her tail 1 hour a day, why not all day? -Gabriella

Winter was in fact found in 2002. It takes a few years to develop movies, so though the movie came out in 2011, they started filming at least a year before. It also took a little while to create the prosthetic tail for her. Winter only wears her tail 20 minutes to 1 hour a day because the gel could become uncomfortable on her stump after a while!

Is winter be able to have babies since she lost her tail? -Eliana

She most likely would be able to, but Clearwater Marine Aquarium does not breed their animals.

Does Hope have a prosthetic tail as well? -Emma

No, Hope was found off trying to nurse from her deceased mother and because dolphins stay with their mothers for years and Hope was only two months old, CMA had to take her in because she would never learn the things that mother dolphins teach their babies, like how to survive.

How old do dolphins get? -Carrie

It depends, in captivity they can live to 50 years old but in the wild they live to 25 years old.

Is Winter going to be okay, with her tail and all? -Meghan M.

Yes! She wears her tail about an hour a day!

Was there really a boy who rescued her? -Madison G.

No, that was just for the movie; her real life rescuer is a fisherman named Jim Savage!

Do you wear your tail all day? -Maeve

I wear my tail 15-20 minutes to an hour every day!

Do you ever think Winter will be released back into the wild? -Alexis

I don't think she will ever be able to go back into the wild because of her prosthetic tail.

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