Winter hugs! Loved getting to hug this lovable girl!!

Welcome to Save Winter! I created this website to help raise money for Winter, and her home, the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, as well as the other residents! That place means the world to me! Everytime I walk in, it fills my heart with joy! I really want to become a dolphin trainer there when I am older! The dolphin residents at CMA are Winter, Hope, Panama, & Nicholas; the otters are Walle, Cooper, & Oscar; the african white pelicans are Ricky & Lucy; the sharks are Thelma & Louise; and the turtles are Bailey, Cocoa, Madam, Max, Molly, Rob, Stubby, Stump & Titus! Everyone at the aquarium is so friendly and makes you smile! Especially the trainers! All of the trainers are my role models, and I hope to work along side them one day! The trainers are all the best, Abby, Julie, Maxi, Cammie, Emily, Sue, Heather, Erin, Tiffany, John, Talia; every single one of them are the best, I swear!  I hope you enjoy the site and even let me know what you think by submitting a "Contact Me" form! :) I will post more pictures from my recent trip soon, I promise :)



Owner of Save Winter

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